Denver Professional Sports: A History Of Success

The city of Denver has plenty to offer individuals, and if you are fans of professional sports then there is plenty to like about what this city has offered fans in the past. While they are well represented across the five major sports, it’s hard to deny that some pro teams really stand out above and beyond the others. While there are always good seasons and then bad seasons, it’s important to look at the teams as a whole throughout their history.

The Denver Broncos
There’s no denying that this is truly the major sports team in town. Belonging to the National Football League (NFL), the Broncos had many glory days under Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway who led them to numerous Super Bowls, as well as two Super Bowl victories. Denver is a team that is frequently competitive in the AFC, and won another Super Bowl with a stingy defense and Peyton Manning at QB. The Broncos are an incredible football team and even during down seasons have a reputation for being really competitive.

The Broncos are clearly one of the most popular teams in the Denver area and it’s not hard to see why. This is a trend that is almost certain to continue in the future as they search for a new QB to take the reigns and lead them back to the promised land once again.

The Colorado Rockies
An expansion team in baseball that came into MLB in 1993, the Rockies have been known as a team that plays with power, and Coors Field is known for allowing a lot of home runs. It’s a very exciting setup that means fans even in the distant outfield seats will have plenty to pay attention to the game. The Rockies took a couple years to get their legs under them, but they found their groove and have even added a World Series title to the mix during their multi-decade history.

The Denver Nuggets
Representing in the NBA, the nuggets have had the unfortunate luck of being in the utterly dominant Western Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA), but despite that they have stayed competitive and made many play-off appearances featuring Carmelo Anthony for years, and continue to play good basketball in arguably the most loaded conference in the most loaded decade in NBA history.

The Denver Avalanche
Like hockey? The Denver Avalanche can play among the best of them in the NHL and offer yet another pro sports option you can enjoy!